LavaKiss Shipping Policy

Lavakiss Shipping Policy

We guarantee all products to be arrival in good condition. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any of the Fresh arrival or have any concern of the billing substitution issue and planning to FILL A CREDIT DISPUTE to settle this issue. Then please repack all the fresh arrival prouducts and return entire shipment back to us  We will happy to issue a full credit back to your account. Of cause, to eligible for a full credit or refund that all returned products must be under resale table condition. 

Also, Our on time delivery guarantee is bound by air or sea Delivery Policy. Which means if air or sea failed their delivery commitment, we will forward your late delivery or damage claim to their cargo department to ask for a fair settlement, but your refund is guaranteed by our carrier, not our company. Except the late delivery is created by interruption or hold up, recipient is not in, wrong address, any thing which act by the God then the on time delivery guarantee may null and void by our carrier.

Below is our important foot note, please review it thoroughly prior to place your ONLINE ORDER      


1.) We are guaranteed all products to pack with your shipment and landed on your state on time. But we can not guaranteed that our carrier will deliver your package on time due w / accident ( such as engine won't start, blow out tire ) may occur and those accidents are beyond our control.

2.) 15-25 % additional charge may apply to any Order if it failed to meet the requirement 

3.) Any claim will not be accepted if you were exceed 7days period of the delivery day.

4.) We will file your claim if the shipper are failed their commitment. But your refund is guaranteed by our shipping company.

5.) We will not accept any damage claim if your claim is with out any photo proof nor one day old.

6.) We will deny any Credit or Refund request if your return merchandise is not received nor not in resale table condition.

7.) Sorry, no Order cancellation will be accepted if you did not file your order cancellation with our special Order.

8.) Our Quotation is always available if you have any concern of budget , please request a Quote prior to ship your order. Otherwise we will do as usual pack and ship it?

9.) Sorry, your signature is required to release your package if your order is required.

10.) Sorry, any Online Order , we will respond with the email only which included any concern of your order or claim. Also, please contact us for help if you have any confusion of our Website.

11.) Any Online Specials is only available Order Online and must submit your order in the same page.

12.) We will not liable for any RUSH ORDERLAST MINUTE ORDER and INCOMPLETE ORDER ( insufficient shipping information) errors which included miss packing or communication and other errors. Therefore, we recommend that customer should  place their Online order in 7days advance .

13.) We reserve a right that we will bill the recipient for the entire order cost  or balance. Only if the customer file a Credit Dispute with the Lavakiss were received on time and in good conditions. If you feel, this is unreasonable to you then do not submit any order.