Who are we

Lavakiss is a leading manufacturer of skin-care anti-aging and beauty products, based in California.
Established in 2004, the company’s marketing team has successfully launched its products throughout United States and globally and now has more than 5000 distributors worldwide. The Lavakiss team includes: herbalists, molecular scientists, biologists, biotechnologist, and skin care experts. Lavakiss offers a resplendent collection of anti-aging and beauty products.  Our anti-aging products include, scalp care, top selling Repiderme Wrinkle Eraser, Bio Mask, come to check Newest Cuticle Conditioner!

Direct manufacturing consulting service for your brand - Lavakiss has 20 years of laboratory experience working with bio technology cosmetics skin care. let us help you create your own brand cosmetic line.

Lavakiss Team 

Sharon Liou - Vice President

Sharon is a Chinese American originally from Taiwan. She i
s a herbalist creator and TCM therapist who specializes in anti aging and skin care manufacturing.

(a manufacturer of skin care health supplements, and creator of more than 500 international products in health and beauty since 2001.)

Her products include anti-aging skin care. For more than a decade of research and Development with Pharmaceutical companies, Lavakiss's founder has developed hundreds of products.

"I have spent more than a decade in collaborative research and development with pharmaceutical products to bring hundreds of leading skin care and health supplements to market. I have a master degree from San Jose, BFA in San Francisco, and I have several published articles in anti aging regarding volcanic minerals"


Mark Falthzik - Executive Vice President-COO of Lavakiss

Mr. Mark Falthzik serves as Executive Vice President of Sales at Give Back Brands, LLC. Mr. Falthzik worked for Elizabeth Arden for over 22 years in a progressively higher sales position, overseeing many major fragrances and skincare launches. He has introduced several brands on HSN, including Fran Drescher cosmetics. Mr. Falthzik is well-known in the industry as a highly talented sales executive specializing in blockbuster launches in multiple channels of distribution.


Maria Comfort - Lavakiss Educator

Maria is an educator for Lavakiss. She used to teach classes at Bella beauty school in Los Angeles, and currently has her own medical spa in Woodland Hills. Maria previously owned her own baby skincare company "Glacia" from 2004 to 2009 and has a patent environmental company dating back from 1996 to 2003.

Maria Comfort, artistic medical and spa esthetician, and present owner of Touch - Total Look Face and Body Spa in Encino, CA has worked with and traveled teaching classes all over the world, the proper use of skin care treatment machines in the esthetic field for the last ten years. As an educator, Maria regularly travels throughout the United States and to foreign countries teaching and training other aestheticians and physicians on the proper use of machines that improve the appearance and good health of the skin.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, Maria developed training techniques that have been adopted by her student physicians and aestheticians throughout the Country, Her policy is to keep skincare easy, holistic, and effective.


Mayra Hernandez (Mayito)

Mayra is a  Tv host at La Critica talkshow and brand ambassador at Lavakiss. Mayra specializes in health and wellness along with being a personal trainer and Zumba instructor. She studied radio broadcasting at Hollywood Cultural College and is the CEO, founder, and owner of Encanto Latino.


Why Lavakiss

Lavakiss products contain nature’s bounty of healthy, healing herbs, minerals, and oils, and are formulated using the most advanced biotechnology processes available today. The company’s entire collection of anti-aging facial, nail, lip, eye, and hair products, as well as its dazzling line of make-up and other beauty products, contain Pearlite™, which is rich in minerals that have amazing benefits for the mind and body. It balances the body’s pH and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Pearlite is derived from Laumontite, a volcanic zeolite mineral that enables our products to biologically adjust to each individual’s unique skin, hair, nail, and other bodily structures.

Zeolites have been proven to neutralize free radicals in skin tissues and are especially beneficial in anti-aging products. Zeolites are also commonly used in skin peeling and cleansing products and in products that eliminate dandruff and soothe skin irritation like nettle rash in children. It also increases skin’s resistance to UV rays and other environmental factors detrimental to skin and health and is used as a carrier of useful chemical compounds to inner skin structure, providing slow-release nurturing chemicals over time.

Our Story

Lavakiss corporation is a skincare, and cosmetic company headquartered in California with our own laboratory and factory. The laboratory was founded in 2006, the company now called Lavakiss owns over 300 proprietary formulas.

Our team of experts includes renowned herbalists, biologists, dermatologists, and chemists. We created a partnership with a leading skin care lab in France for developing advanced formulas. Since 2004 we have achieved great success in the worldwide market. Our products are distributed by more than 2000 agents and sold in professional salons, drug stores, and cosmetics chains. Our customers, including many Hollywood celebrities, are spread over 17 countries. Lavakiss also provides turnkey ODM and OEM services to customers. Our services start from formula design, packaging design, and manufacturing service to final brand marketing. Over the years we have helped many customers successfully launch their market-winning products. Our goal is to introduce to our clients a lifestyle of nature, health, and beauty.

We are a successful international biotechnology company including our productions, laboratories, services, and distribution channels. We have distributors in North and South America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in over 17 countries.

With more than 2000 locations from professional salons, dermatologists, 5 stars spas, and pharmaceutical companies to organic health food supplement channels. Our exclusive technology enables us to create high-quality products with lower costs

We care for our customers, we are not only satisfying them with our products we also make them feel happy with our service.

Lavakiss Research & Testing
Lavakiss products were developed and tested by herbalists, scientists, biologists, dermatologists, chemical analysts, and other scientific professionals at the Labo Repiderme, a professional beauty products research laboratory from France back 25 years ago, By our research head leader Xovior, after moved to Germany since 2007. this facility is engaged in researching body-cell activation delay and exploring mechanisms for cell activation–projects aimed to delay and reverse the aging process.
Lavakiss products underwent extensive pre-market, clinical safety and efficiency testing by California-based BioScreen Testing Services, Inc. Clinical trials, which involved hundreds [?]of participants, tested products for skin sensitivity and effectiveness in delivering on their promises.
All of the Products have been done by the multinational sensitivity, RITP, wrinkle, and dark circle Clinical tests, it can prove its safe, effective also can be used for long term