HCG weight loss products

HCG weight loss products

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Hollywood's latest weight-loss method

90% of patients and subtract 5-10 pounds in a week

Placenta polypeptide both men and women

Mr. Gao : 90 kg body weight once using 4ml, two weeks after the weight is reduced to 82 kg. Course dinner was replaced by fruit.

Miss Lee : Weight 57 kg time using 2ml, 10 later reduced to 54 kg, and then later reduced to 52 kg using 20 . Multi-course breakfast as milk, eggs, small lunch. Occasionally hypoglycemia.

Chen: weight 77 kg , once using 2ml, reduced to 65 kg body weight after four weeks, during dinner replaced by fruit, exercise at least half an hour a day, drinking water and more.

Wang : Big 85 kg body weight , once using 3.5ml, three weeks after the weight down to 72 kg , the period from fruit instead of breakfast, lunch, no more than 150 grams , a little snack , walking one hour a day.

What is HCG, HCG is a glycoprotein, is a substance produced by the mother during pregnancy when the placenta from the inside, HCG during pregnancy in which the mother's placenta produces very high energy, produced by the placenta into the chorionic it 's function is to stimulate the growth of mature placental progesterone make, usually born in cells in six days as the fertilized egg was born.

HCG values usually sounds like you think people feel pretty terrible, but in fact, this embryonic survival or cell viability when , HCG body cells have a very magical powers .

Why produce a relationship with HCG weight loss ? The main metabolic reduce the absorption of fat, fat and muscle can be separated , thus reducing appetite, we used the oral HCG accelerate metabolism, dissolve fat can have wonderful efficacy , HCG oral wonderful and in a human hair, promote gland hormones 16 times, 30 times , 60 times as high as various combinations of the strongest forces at any stage when the overall composition are produced.

HCG combines extracts like green beans, which contain substances that are very wonderful, so that the effect of each other, so that ruled out the metabolism of fat, sugar, protein, while taking HCG will enter into the bloodstream, quickly added, to reach new metabolic power is in the mother brewing.

HCG- Powerful

Purpose : medical , health care.

Features: free radical scavenging , antioxidant, enhancing cell-mediated immunity , repair DNA, improve bone marrow function .

Process: completely removed by membrane filtration and nano- pasteurization placenta harmful substances, then use nano supercritical extraction depth and substance polypeptides which nutrients refined molecular weight of only 3000 Daltons.

Features : intravenous injection can reach standards greatly improved targeting , conduction velocity and specificity .

Difference: the placenta before products using common extraction process, molecular weight greater than 10,000 Daltons , only intramuscular injection. Efficacy poor stability, a common side effect of fever allergies , drug use only as a clinical assistant .

Effect: You can eliminate free radicals , while a comprehensive nutrition contained in the placenta polypeptide structure fully absorbed into the body .

HCG- Features

Targeting : various active ingredients membership by venous blood circulation, to quickly reach all parts of the body , synergy , targeted lesions, damaged parts .

Blending nature : from the human body, in line with the laws regulating human biology , to avoid other types of adverse drug reactions . Contains a variety of active ingredients , especially cytokines , growth factors, for antioxidant , free radical scavenging , repair DNA, enhance immunity has outstanding effect.

Governance cultivation : a strong repair , strengthen , regenerate capability in the " Governance keep one" outstanding contribution to the play , in sub-health , premature aging problems and achieved remarkable results .

Uniqueness :

Placental small molecular weight peptides , only 3,000 to 5,000 Daltons , through high-tech division , after purification, is get rid of all impurities , liquid, transparent color , high purity. Membership of various active ingredients from the blood circulation vein , quickly reach all parts of the body , synergy , targeted lesions, aging parts , rapid onset .

GCH- for FAT people

Placental peptide best suited over the age of 25 , both men and women . For young people under 25 years old are not particularly significant effect ( except for busy , heavy physical and mental stress , physical weakness , low immunity youth ) . After entering the age of 25 , the body is in the decline of hormonal , physiological functions of the body as a whole began to gradually decline, showed mild premature aging , with special attention to maintenance ; middle-aged man then appeared regularly physiological physiological functions of the body as a whole has begun to decline, mostly showed moderate decline ; physiological function in the elderly is a sharp deterioration manifests itself in a serious aging.

Now how to use our products to achieve the effect , the daily 15 minutes before a meal dripping tongue, every day can be reduced by at least 0.5 to 1KG, another separation of fat , excluding the effect metabolism , can maintain muscle younger, fat metabolism , fat melting effect .

This research HCG Simon D experts , HCG is difficult to exclude Why can dissolve like a stone inside the body fat stored in it ?

HCG feeding mothers had time to produce the next generation , to produce a substance .

When using HCG drops under the tongue , when the effect of dissolving the fat part of the body through the most essence , most people might suspect it will not have a bad effect on the body , we should emphasize that this is not the hormone , HCG is a substance that is natural hormones extracted , there are long-lasting effect, can burn the problem of fat.

HCG is not a sex hormone , whether it is a woman or a man can use , can be very successful in reducing weight to achieve the effect , allow your body to return to a state of youth, speed up metabolism, can remove excess fat, but also can not affect the muscle tissue when the fat metabolism , so your body burns , HCG can successfully burn fat , hold the spirit of the truth in the usual sugar and fat accumulation in adipose tissue changes in position , it will be stored in this location , generally if you want to remove these intractable fat would be more difficult , your body can reach 2500-4000 calories effect , it will not feel hungry or tired muscles , ordinary people in the food or drink can burn up to 500 calories , HCG is a pretty amazing fat burning an effect,

Most of the weight loss will be felt very hungry, and very tired , when taking oral HCG times more concentrated when there are very good results , we have helped a lot of people successfully lose weight , this has been in the United States many data.

HCG ingredients:

1 , nucleic acids :

Nucleic acids are the basic material of human nucleus of cell growth and proliferation , particularly in maintaining normal metabolism of skin tissue , promote and enhance the vitality of skin cells to repair damaged cells plays an important role , which determines the aging process of cells.

2 , amino acids :

Contains 30 kinds of amino acids, including eight kinds of essential amino acids such as cystine , cysteine , leucine , arginine , serine and guitar acids , amino acids are the basic material composed of proteins in human cells . Therefore , it is the basic unit of tissue repair , enzymes and hormones constituent components , part of the energy is derived from them. The growth and development of young people , the elderly health and longevity plays an important role .

3 , natural placental immune proteins

Placental tissue fluid rich in HGG ( HCG ), TSH ( thyroid stimulating hormone ) , prolactin , steroid hormones and antibody protein , to improve skin aging serious effect especially women , can improve sexual function, and delay the vagina mucosal thinning and perineal sphincter relaxation, improve endocrine disorders and menstrual irregularities, skin wrinkles, pigmentation spots caused by menopause and so on. Antibody protein can improve the body 's resistance to disease infectious diseases , especially respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

4 , cell growth factor group

Human placenta is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF), basic fibroblast growth factor velvet -dimensional (BFGF), platelet growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), islet cell growth factor (IGF) and promoting cell growth factor . All of these factors are promoting the appropriate cell production , divisive . Skin cells , fibroblasts , endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells activation and growth . TGF also has activated fibroblasts, inhibition of epidermal keratinocytes outermost layer , and cell growth factor group synergy , beautify skin, improve skin metabolism, keep skin beautiful and have a significant effect.

5, multi- nutrient ingredients and collagen

The product is rich in multi- ingredient collagen , the body appears to increase with age skin aging , skin dermis collagen ingredients degeneration , abnormal collagen ingredients reduce skin resilience and elasticity, by supplementing the normal ingredients of collagen , thereby restoring the skin's elasticity and toughness.

Efficacy: cells derived from fetal and placental velvet homologous placental cells , the body cell division and proliferation elbow high excitation effect on the aging body has fully adjusted, the effect of treatment of young men and women to restore sexual function decline , physically weak . premature aging , neurasthenia , asthma, and other haggard face Yan Xu Zheng , all kinds of gynecological diseases prevention accessories go far for otitis media , dermatitis are valid. whitening, natural wrinkle to achieve anti-aging effect !

HCG Diet three anti-aging mechanism :

Complex human placenta cells can improve the growth environment

( Refers to the improvement of the environment )

Promoting human placenta contains enzymes erythropoietin has cleared metabolites FAT, capturing the role of free radicals . Promote the formation of SOD , scavenging free radicals and the formation of metallothionein .

Complex human fetal cell growth hormone can provide essential nutrients

Human placenta contains all the nutrients necessary for human life . A rich combination of protein, lecithin, phospholipids, amino acids, vitamins , etc. These components , in terms of the proportion of components or content , are the natural, scientific and rational, easily absorbed and utilized by the body cells.

HCG can activate and repair aging cells

Maintenance of normal cell metabolism , tissue, organ , system,

Human placenta contains a wide range of cytokine function , such as a variety of immune activity factor , stem cell growth factor , growth and repair of cells must also contain the substances which the body is able to cell senescence or cell activation dormant state , which is more multi- cellular biological effects ( for the body to carry out the service ) .

HCG restore youth to reverse human aging

Cutting-edge technology

The role of complex human placenta is activated, an alternative to save the dying cells. It has long been widely recognized and highly evaluated the scientists from various countries . The 1920s , the Swiss scientist Professor Karl After numerous scientific experiments , and finally found the placenta. Professor Karl found : In the beginning of life birth , the mother through the placenta to life with all the elements of the original transfer unlimited growth of the fetus , it is in a strong growth of the role of these mysterious elements of primitive life , human growth and development in order to several times and survive for decades or even longer .

The role of the placenta marvelous . First, like the adult liver as it can enhance the fetus important proteins , amino acids and glucose metabolism of glycogen supplied into the fetus ; secondly , can be as helpful as the adult lung fetal breathing , breath commonly called suction means oxygen, carbon dioxide emissions , but the fetus in the mother can not breathe the outside air , and through the placenta from mother to draw blood oxygen , carbon dioxide emissions ; third, the placenta may be as helpful as human fetal kidneys absorb nutrients , excrete waste , to achieve the purpose of metabolism ; fourth, in order to maintain the pregnancy , we must secrete hormones necessary in the early stages of pregnancy , manufacturing fluff gonadal stimulating hormone to stimulate the mother's egg cell hormone and luteinizing hormone , which functions as the human pituitary gland and the ovaries ; fifth , it was considered immunized with antibodies from the mother's blood supply , and also suggested that the placenta is created, in other words , you must make the fetus through the placenta 's ability to resist disease . An organ of the body can play several adult organ function only placenta. In order to maintain the normal development of the fetus , God created a very sophisticated and effective placenta. Only the size of the placenta of fetal weight of a six , was able to assume the mission of feeding the fetus from small to big , this is the Creator of the Seven Wonders . As we all know , in addition to humans, after all mammals produce will instinctively eat their own placenta, leopards and other carnivores lion goes without saying that , even horses, sheep and other herbivores is no exception , with the spiritual and human long class gorillas, chimpanzees also asked to eat is not wrong . Scientists believe that devour their placental mammals have two purposes , one is to want to attack their own young foreign enemies hide their production , while they devour increase nutrition through the placenta to produce weak physical restoration as soon as possible , from this point look, after all, a natural health experts mammals . Even into the 20th century, many of the health effects of the placenta is still a soft spot , especially in health science has a long history of China Eastern , the placenta is still seen by many as nourishing thing. Although the mother is no longer swallow the placenta produces its own , but almost all of the maternity hospital of the placenta are utilized , some people are addicted to eating the placenta through various channels to obtain home , after a certain process to be eaten , and some were hospital through biological treatment developed into some kind of drug , used for the treatment of various incurable diseases specific prescription.

Of traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the placenta has the " righting tonic , nourishing and replenishing essence , kidney yang, Qi and spleen " effect. Pharmacological studies and clinical trials have confirmed the placenta modern medicine has the following effects : ? increase micro- circulation, increase metabolism levels. ? enhance physiological function , improve immunity. ? regulate and balance the endocrine and prolong adolescence ; ? repair injured skin tissue. ? dissolution of aging of the skin , beautify skin. ? inhibiting inflammatory and anti-allergic .

HCG role and principles

Fat metabolism and glucose metabolism are closely related , such as the use of sugar supply or when there is an obstacle , fat mobilization strengthened when an abundant supply of sugar , sugar can be converted to fat. When accelerating fat mobilization , such fatty acids into the blood and muscle tissue , and in which the use of accelerated oxidation to reduce the need for sugar . In this way, insufficient supply of sugar , fat instead of sugar can supply energy to the blood glucose concentration will not decrease so much . This shows that sugar and fat for energy alternatives in each other , the relationship is very close . Lipolysis prime function is to promote fat transport staff on acceleration, so the fat into the bloodstream , and in which the use of accelerated oxidation , reducing the need for sugar , fats into fatty acids instead of the body's energy supply , which mobilize the body break down excess fat consumption achieve fat reduction effect . HCG weight loss is not easy to rebound after the reduction . Because it is less fat, not water, fat formation is through the formation of a long time to accumulate , so it is not easy to rebound. In the framework of a new equilibrium network , for the body to a healthy balance. Because the accumulation of fat people respect the spirit of the work , such as in a healthy condition, the use of HCG in these states will be solved fundamentally .

Our data show that 1950 has already been the HCG for weight loss , to 2000 , when with the HCG weight loss has reached popularity in many TV like TV TVS. . . . The best-selling book in which he mentions the time to lose weight has been mentioned HCG wonderful effect.

HCG weight loss diet product is one of the most effective way to lose weight without the need to exercise, within a day you can easily subtract 1-2 lbs . HCG popular selling products overseas for 60 years , subject to a lot of consumer trust and sought after. Past HCG products primarily through injection to be absorbed way to help lose weight. However , the injectable HCG products are very expensive (over $ 1000) , and can not get a wide range of popular, while injection products for those consumers who are not born of exclusion is a good choice. Fortunately, the most recent products on the HCG has made great progress, you can choose injectable without the HCG products, because the new type of HCG diet products , as long as you put drops of liquid products tongue the lower part can, convenient and practical , economical and effect of HCG and injectable products identical 

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