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Global production of rare, precious, the "North ruby" said Western natural foods, nearly a hundred years of civil Data

A day to two, no artificial additives

Cranberries in Western folk several hundred years of history is the prevention and treatment of female urinary system daily variety of bacterial infections, urethritis,

Cystitis, chronic pyelonephritis best natural food therapy.

Cranberries contain a healthy antioxidant essential vitamin C, it supports immune function, increased vitamin E

Play an important role in terms of, after many scientific studies, the French Food Safety Agency AFSSA certification has been confirmed for Cranberry

The importance of women's urinary tract health, it has been shown to prevent adhesion and inflammation. Recent studies show that cranberry

There are anti-inflammatory effects, that can support the immune system, reducing the tendency to form stones, on the cardiovascular system and digestive tract can play

A positive influence and role, and can even prevent cancer, such as breast cancer. Our unique highly concentrated cranberry daily only

Need two can be. Cranberry because it can help maintain a healthy urinary tract and are known.

Special Effects:

- effective prevention and adjuvant treatment of adult female urinary tract infections.

prevention of urinary tract stones treatment.

- adult men and women with bacterial ulcers.

- fight bad bacteria, protect the bacteria, reduce pathogenic bacteria, as a natural antibiotic.

- 100% cranberry extract, contains natural flavonoids, with excellent antioxidants,

Capable of aging and protecting cardiovascular health.

- low-calorie, high-performance phytonutrients of health supplements.

- Gushen, Qiangshen.

- contribute to help digestion, improve gastrointestinal absorption.

Suitable for:

- suitable for all adults with disabilities, especially women

- suffering from urinary tract infections in women, to avoid bonding system disorders

- cystitis, urethritis, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and other diseases

- due to Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric ulcer and other persons

- persons suffering from bleeding gums, bad breath, gum disease, and other oral diseases, both preventive maintenance

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