Natural Organic Shea Butter Nail Cuticle Stick (Pomegranate & ACAI)

Natural Organic Shea Butter Nail Cuticle Stick (Pomegranate & ACAI)

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For strong and healthy-looking nails

Boost the health of your cuticles and speed up nail growth and improve your nail health with our Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick. A therapeutic blend of natural oils and shea butter provides a moisturizing treatment for dry, damaged cuticles. The nourishing and moisturizing effects of shea butter will revive your cuticles and provide the protection they deserve after protecting your nails all day. Also, the butter is intensely emollient so a little goes a long way.

Enriched with vegetable oils, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and other natural oils rich in nutrients, for maximum absorption, the cuticle stick promotes healthier nail growth.

The Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick is beyond a practical nail treatment, it is a manicure necessity. The slim tube design allows for convenience and style. Light and travel friendly, this cuticle conditioning stick can be easily tucked in a small purse or make-up bag for quick and easy touch-up treatment to hydrate dry or cracked cuticles on hands.

Protects and Strengthen

Protect cuticles and naturally strengthen nails while helping to repair brittle nails and reduce roughness.


Hydrates the nails and cuticles, moisturizing the entire nail structure and helping restore natural flexibility to nails

Promote Growth

Promotes growth, and improves overall quality with nourishing natural oils packed with nutrients.

Natural scent with a variety to choose from


Simply apply a small amount to each cuticle. Gently massage into cuticles, nails, and areas with fingers.

Daily application as needed.


Anyone with dry, fragile, peeling, and splitting nails. This product has been carefully formulated to relieve you from rough-looking cuticles and nails. Also, the Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick is great for nail salon owners who want to provide extra protection to their clients. 

Avoid using if you have yellow, cross, or horizontal, fungus,  lines curve nails ficus.

Ingredients: Pomegranate Acai, Shea Butter, Vitamin the A, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil.

Cuticle & Nail Anatomy

The cuticle is a thin dead and transparent tissue produced by the eponychium and extends onto the base of the nail plate to help seal and protect it. Cutting your cuticles can lead to a variety of infections because they protect the nails and surrounding skin from infection.

Nails are one of the four main appendages that along with the skin, hair, and sweat glands make up the integumentary system. 

Our nails serve many important functions such as:

  • Beauty accessories
  • Protection and support of the distal end of our digits 
  • Helping us dig, scratch, grasp objects, and more

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